Welcome to the new and improved North Dakota Occupational Therapy Association website! Throughout this website there are many new and exciting key features we are excited to share with you!  Member's now have increased ability to stay connected and to communicate with each other. This new website will also make registering for new memberships and special events easier to navigate.

While the new website remains a work in progress, we hope that you take the time to explore all the new features. Please be patient as we iron out any kinks that may have occurred during the transition. We encourage you to confirm and update your profiles to ensure accuracy, even if you recently renewed. Please ensure that you fill in your demographics so that you can be informed about events in your area or specific to your practice area.

The Benefits of Membership

There are so many good reasons why to become a member of the North Dakota Occupational Therapy Association!  By becoming a member it assists and supports occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and occupational therapy students across the state.  This support can improves advocacy for the profession and allows members to stay active in the legislative process around the state.  This allows member members to  stay current on what is happening in the field.  Members are also provided with an opportunity to advance their careers by attending continuing education at a discounted price through the annual conference.

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NDOTA Mission

The mission of NDOTA is to support, facilitate and enhance the Occupational Therapy profession within the state of North Dakota in affiliation with our national organization.  NDOTA will protect, promote and advocate for the organization’s members, the profession and those the profession serves.
(NDOTA Strategic Plan, 2008)
The North Dakota Occupational Therapy Association consists of occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, OT students and OTA students who are dedicated to the profession of occupational therapy through participation in promotional activities and professional development.